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Company: Sollar Software
Established: 2002
Description: Sollar Software Company (before 2006 - RATMIR Labs Ltd.) was founded in 2002. One of the company's main activity is the development of computer management systems for the petrol wholesale and retail trade and industrial control systems. Developed by Sollar Software systems automate the entire technological process of mineral oil sale on a filling station. Also the systems provide the automation of associated activities: goods retail in a shop, cafe service, and engineering service for cars. The systems are integrated with the dispensers widespread in Ukraine and Russia (including produced by "Scheidt & Bachmann GmbH", etc.), card payment systems, card-readers, trade scanners and so on. At 2005 Sollar Software became one of the leaders in the sector of petrol station networks management systems in Ukraine. An example of industrial control systems can be the monitoring system of mazout pipeline transportation terminal. The system is meant for the central monitoring of the technological process parameters of the mazout pipeline transportation.


Sollar Software Company was founded in 2002 by highly experienced managers and technicians. The main goal of the founders was to create a client-oriented, efficient, and flexible IT company. According to old Norse legend 'SOL' means 'energy of the Sun, clear vision and completeness, capacity to learn, gift of understanding'. 'AR' is success in endeavors, fulfilment of plans, bountiful harvest as a result of actions made in the right order in right time. At 'SOLLAR Software' we see our mission in providing our customers with productive cutting-edge software. Software which effectiveness is a result of a creative work of energetic and skilled staff, a result of deeper comprehension of customer's problems and requirements. Software which quality is obtained due to the development process organized in compliance with the best IT practices. Software which satisfies permanently changing demands of market environment and yields high addition to customer's business.

Industries & Expertise:

  • Oil products wholesale and retail. RATMIR Labs has developed systems to automate petrol retail networks. These systems automate such processes as fuel reception, storage and distribution, selling of accomplishing goods, operations with bank cards, reporting to headquarter, etc. Systems can work with various external devices used in the gas stations.

  • Database applications for business. Warehouse, management accounts systems for small and medium business, as well as systems for various aspects of financial analysis based on management and operational accounts data. Here were applied such up-to-date technologies as OLAP.

  • Process control systems for industry. Process control systems can be developed using one of the SCADA systems (Trace Mode, Citect, In Touch). Moreover, we specialize in automation and modernization of production lines and plants.

  • Smart-cards systems. Smart card solutions, which can be easily adjusted to the customer's individual demands provide control over financial operations.

  • Controllers programming and device drivers development. Application of specialized SoftLogic-packages, manual programming devices and various programming languages for controllers programming.

  • Intelligent buildings. Solutions for intelligent buildings allow integration of both building life-support systems and communication data systems into common managed structure. It's design is based on LonWorks standard and LonTalk protocol. If required the systems can be developed learning on other network standards (LonWorks, BACnet, EIB).

  • Custom-made applications. These systems are developed using modern technologies such as WEB and E-mail, and distributed data processing what makes them highly efficient and reliable.
Examples of systems:
  • Petrol station management system
  • SmartOil system is developed to automate oil retail trading network.
The system automates the following processes:
  • basic technological operations of fuel reception, storage and distribution;
  • selling of accomplishing goods;
  • operations with bank cards;
  • data exchange between headquarters and gas stations.
Different external devices can be connected to the system: oil products parameters measuring device (level gauge); non-cash payment system; bar-code reader, modem, fiscal recorder, etc. The system consists of the following functional modules.
  • Gas station control module automates gas station processes, record-keeping and accounting.
  • Store automation module automates merchandise sales and services registration.
  • Data exchange module enables data exchange between gas station and headquarters.
  • Gas station manager module keeps record books, facilitates communication with headquarters, and monitors operator activity.
  • Bank cards service module ensures plastic cards payments within gas station network.
Mazout Transportation system:

The system is designed for central monitoring of technological parameters during mazout pipeline transportation. Due to high ductility and low fluidity of mazout the mazout pipeline transportation is always accompanied by some problems. Thus, the continous heating is necessary to accomplish this process. The fluctating ductility and density of pump lead to rather unstable and pulsating working regime of pump with maximum permissible loads. Therefore, it is essential to permanently check the basic parameters to avoid the temperature fluctuations and pressure divergence negatively influencing the reliability of mazout supply. The monitoring system provides the following:

  • collects the data via network interfaces and pair lines attached to discrete and analog signal sources;
  • displays the current parameter values of the technological process;
  • keeps the parameter values within acceptable bounds.
The system checks:
  1. temperature;
  2. level;
  3. pressure;
  4. consumption of mazout, steam, and condensate;
  5. condition of cocks on trunk lines;
  6. condition of pumps;
  7. hazard light parameters.
Among technological automation objects are tanks for mazout intake and storage, condensate tanks, steam heaters, trunk lines of mazout swap and steam supply, pumps, etc.


  • SCADA Trace Mode v. 5;
  • Programmable controllers I-8000, ICP DAS company, Remicont 130ISA;
  • Communication facility 3Com;
  • Operator's station based on 1 U server, built-in box.

At present RATMIR Labs team consists of 27 professionals. All RATMIR Labs members have higher education in computer science. Among them is one specialist with Ph.D. degree and another one has prepared the Ph.D. thesis. Lots of our employees have certificates in programming tools, software systems building technologies, as well as in modeling and project management technologies.

Client and Partner Relations Principles:

  • Customer control. Regular communication with the customers and partners is the main standard of Sollar Software. The project status reports submitted on a weekly or daily basis assure full control over the development process by the customer. E-mail, Instant Messengers (MSN, Skype, AOL, ICQ, etc.), telephone, and fax are available to facilitate the communication with the customer. Ukraine is located close to Western European countries. In other words, if it is necessary the customer or partner can arrive in Kharkov in a few hours.

  • Privacy policy. The NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) can be signed to protect nonpublic customer information if it is used during the project implementation.

  • Requirements management. Close collaboration with the customer, requirements management and change request management ensure full compliance with customer's demands.

  • Absence of language and business cultural barriers. Sollar Software follows western business culture that excludes cultural misunderstandings during project development. Communications and documentations on the project are carried out in English. Our specialists graduated from famous universities of Ukraine, where the level of the technical English studied is high.

  • Coding and documentation standards. The code is developed in accordance with the corporative standards. These standards are developed on the base of widespread standards and coding rules, as well as recommendations of the most acknowledged programming tools (Microsoft Visual Studio, in particular). Nevertheless, we can develop software based on the customer's standards as well. The software is accompanied by all necessary documentation: code comments, database descriptions, user and administrator manuals.

  • Software license policy. During the development process Sollar Software Company uses the licensed operating system and applications only. Open Source or free license (such as GNU Public License, BSD License, and Mozilla Public License) software products are applied under customer's agreement.

  • Free support guarantee. Sollar Software supports the software developed and guarantees to fix any bug detected without additional charge. The support period depends on project scope, but not less than 2 weeks.

  • Strict customers' loyalty. To transfer all proprietary rights on software developed in a proper way Sollar Software Company operates according to the copyright legislation of the customer's country. The additional agreements with Sollar Software partners abroad can be concluded to guarantee copyrights.

Classification: Manufacturer, Industrial Services
Target Markets: UK/Western Europe, Central/Eastern Europe
Tel: 380 57 7574117
Fax: 380 57 7574118
Address: 29 Molchanovskii Pereulok
City: Kharkov
State/Province: none
Zip/PC: UA-61001
Country: Ukraine
URL: http://www.sollarsw.com
Contact: Olga Tregubenko

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