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Company: Omedya Inc.
Established: 1967
Description: OMEDYA Inc. activates in Ostim which is the most important industry center of Turkey with its approximately 5000 small and middle size enterprises active in over 100 different branches of industry, thousands of products produced and approximately 40,000 workers. In 1967, it was established as a small industry site and has grown during the passed 36 years. Today Ostim is a Organised Industrial Zone. Ostim has never lost its activity capacity via its successful organization structure and it was organized rapidly in the fields of technology, media-communications, marketing, education, culture and sports. Companies established during this organization period activate in their specialization fields by focusing on the drive of "Developing Ostim" as its common objective. Our company gives the following services under the title of Agency Services. Print works such as brochure, catalogue, institutional identity, press notices and outdoor advertisement implementations. Digital platform products include presentation CDs, digital visiting card, interactive CD implementations, 3 dimension implementations. Web services include web software, design, implementation, name registration and hosting operations and internet advertisement. The company also offers presentation film, film credits and TV & Radio advertisements, institutional counseling, brand and image, media planning, marketing strategy, field analysis, public opinion researches, public survey implementations, inventory and database forming.

Ostim Media Communication Advertisement Services Inc. has been existing at important works presenting the area in which it activates to Turkey and world since 1995. Omedya Inc. has been publishing Ostim Guidebook once every two years since 1995. In 2002, our company added the Interactive CD and Export Catalogue work to its Ostim Guidebook work and in 2002 Omedya prepared a presentation packet of Guidebook-CD-Export Catalogue. Our company finished project of guidebook-cd-export catalogue and web site works under the name of Ostim 2004 Presentation Packet Project successfully.

Omedya Inc. is also executing managing of Outdoor advertisement places at its activating area. There are 48 different special designed Street Panel and lightened billboard places presenting wide advertisement places.

Omedya Inc. realized design-software which is formal web site of the region showed as the most important KOBI information platform of Turkey which is visited by approximately 2000 person every day and it is executing management of advertisement places on web site within its structure. Also our company has b2b electronic trade web sites formed for KOBIs which make publications at web sites. Omedya Inc. also manages web sites which were formed as online news platform of KOBIs and whose visitor number increases every day. Contents improving - member registration - advertisement, promotion and all similar works of web sites existing at imaginary environment - information - trade and news platform are executed within our company structure.

OMEDYA has been publishing ORGANISED INDUSTRY NEWSPAPER since approximately 2 years in cooperation with World Newspaper. Organized Industry Newspaper published on behalf of Ostim Organized Industrial Zone is distributed in Turkey once a month. Also the newspaper which is distributed free to Ostim OSB, Ývedik OSB and all KOBIs activating in neighborhood industry sites via a distributor company has a 65 thousand total circulation.

Omedya Inc. is executing Ostim Vision Project (Digital Presentation-/Organization-E-Trade) including, web site service. Project is executed to improve marketing activities of KOBIs bu using advantages of digital platform products and advantages of internet and to provide rapid, practical and safe trade.

Services provided to companies via web site which formes electronic marketing platform of Ostim Vision Project include:

  • Membership of portal for 1 year.
  • Company presentation exists in portal in a detailed manner in a private section
  • Online product catalogue of company is published in its section
  • Picture of products are taken and prepared for publication
  • Price list module that can be updated in control panel
  • Application of shopping basket organizing the dialogue of buyer- seller via E-mail
  • Opening and establishing 5 e-mail accounts
  • Control panel working with password/code system with which the company can update all its information
  • Adding registration of key word, product information etc.. in 180 different search engines
  • Company information is translated in English and published in portal
  • Presentation of monthly statistics of company visitors in control panel.
  • Publication of unlimited buying-selling demand, supplying these demands.
  • Existing in market classified according to its sectors.
  • Online help centre, Application of online customer support
  • Training about usage of portal and features of control panel
  • Publication of one day flash announcement maximum for 3 products in home page
Our aim is that to make solutions and services for business with our team of professionals with decades of industry experience in the functions of engineering, marketing, sales, and operations in manufacturing, distribution, and service organizations. We offer a range of solutions to every participant in these industries to improve their everyday needs to compete in today's global economy. These solutions are designed to improve participants' ability to increase the value and efficiencies they offer to each other through their channels, supply chains and the broader network of the global marketplace. We want to provide opportunity for companies to make trade and communicate easily. So that we reccomend to you cooperation.We are trying to communicate buyers and sellers easily. You should visit our website and then please contact us.I am looking forward your suggestion.I hope it will be good for our business.
Classification: Manufacturer
Target Markets: WORLDWIDE - All Regions
Tel: 0090312-385-5820
Fax: 0090312-385-7837
Address: Uzaycagi Cad no:47 Uzaycagi Ticaret Merkezi
City: Ankara
State/Province: Ostim
Zip/PC: 06370
Country: Turkey
URL: http://www.kureselpazar.com
Contact: Soyolmaa

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