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Company: Minco Products
Established: 1957
Description: Success or failure. Profit or loss. Life or death. When you're working with trade-offs like these, you need absolute confidence in every component that goes into your products. Minco understands that perfectly. We design, manufacture and market critical components for critical applications. Components that precisely fit your needs and deliver extremely high performance. Components that help you minimize risk, and ensure success. Decades of experience make Minco much more than a components supplier Minco has been designing and manufacturing critical components since 1956. During the past five decades, we've grown into a global company with four product lines.

Products Include:

  • ThermofoilT Flexible Heaters
  • Flex Circuits
  • Sensors
  • Instruments
We've developed the unsurpassed ability to design and assemble these products into a single integrated component so you can achieve the highest degree of functional and packaging efficiency. At the same time, we've established working relationships with the design engineering teams at hundreds of customers, freely sharing our component knowledge and experience. Our inclusive sales process creates win-win opportunities for both Minco and our customers, which shortens your sales cycle and strengthens valuable customer relationships. All of this has made Minco a trusted partner and provider of critical components for the world's most critical applications.

Minco today: Global and Growing

Minco's engineering and manufacturing plants employee over 1000 people worldwide. We have the capacity and infrastructure to support a variety of applications for global customers in diverse markets. Minco's seamless operational capabilities allow us to design and manufacture integrated components from the ground up, which shortens the supply chain and improves our response time. Minco Worldwide headquarters is located in Minneapolis, MN, USA, European headquarters in Aston, France, and Asia Pacific Headquarters in Singapore.

Total Cost of Ownership

Minco believes in considering all costs associated with our components. That's why we design and manufacture with total cost of ownership (TCO) in mind to ensure ease of installation, the highest level of quality and reliability, compatibility to a variety of larger control systems, and value-add opportunities for integration and assembly.

Let's talk E2E-engineer to engineer

Minco recognizes that the more information sources you have, the easier it is to find a solution, or spark an idea, that leads to a breakthrough design. That's why we have a dedicated group of engineering experts providing one-on-one design help when it's needed most. The E2E-engineer to engineer-section of the Minco website also provides design engineers with an easily accessible variety of educational and informational materials. When your resources are stretched thin, theMinco E2E Community can help
1: Temperature Sensors
2: Flex Circuits
3: Flexible Heaters
Classification: Manufacturer
Target Markets: WORLDWIDE - All Regions
Tel: +44 1279 669 464
Fax: +44 1279 669 465
Address: Endeavour House
City: London Stansted Airport
State/Province: Essex
Zip/PC: CM24 1SJ
Country: England (UK)
URL: http://www.minco.com
Contact: Clive G Field

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