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Company: Smart Flow Europe SA
Established: 2004
Description: Smart Flow Europe SA is a manufacturer of plastic pallets and Boxes. Including stackable, nestable, foldable, Euronorm plastic boxes. The SMART FLOW EUROPE pallets guarantee you quality, long lifespan and lightness. It respects the sanitary norms. They are produced with recycled material and are given competitive prices in comparison with wooden pallets.

In 2006 there was a merger of the 3 companies, including Gamma Plastics, Wöpla and Société Smart Flow Europe sa which are now now part of one entity now called Smart Flow Europe sa Europe Group.

In November 2007 we added an extension to our product line that includes 4 new pallets (Ultra Light 800 x 1200; Euro Standard 800 x 1200; Dusseldorfer 600 x 800 and New Multi Way 1000 x 1200. In September 2006 Smart Flow opened its new offices in Mouscron, Belgium.

In December 2008 we celebrated the opening of our new factory.
1: plastic pallets
2: recycled material
3: plastic boxes
Classification: Manufacturer
Target Markets: Central/Eastern Europe
Tel: +32 56 28 26 90
Fax: +32 56 28 26 99
Address: Boulevard industriel 72 bat B
City: Mouscron
State/Province: Hainaut
Zip/PC: 7700
Country: Belgium
URL: http://www.smart-flow.com
Contact: Kjartan Heynderick

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