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Company Name: Metalec AD Prilep
Contact Person: Mr. Jandre Zdraveski
Address: Aleksandar Makedonski 2/11
City: Prilep
State/Province: Prilep
Zip/PC: 7500
Country: Macedonia
Tel: + 38948403700
Fax: + 38948403735

Metalec AD-Prilep was established in Prilep, Republic of Macedonia, in 1970. The main activities of our company are design, manufacturing and montage of all types steel armatures, profiles and structures for the construction sector.


Steel constructions and profiles in high-building. We design projects, manufacture and assemble all kinds of steel constructions and profiles for:

  • Industrial facilities
  • Public facilities
  • Sport facilities
  • Working facilities and apartments
  • Greenhouses , warehouses and storehouses
  • Power plants
  • Bridge construction
  • Locksmiths and welding works
  • Performance into the tinsmith sector, layout of roofs, facades with trapeze tin and finalized panel sandwiches.
  • Development of reserve particles and non-standard equipment for usage in the thermoelectric facilities.
  • Production and montage of sun collectors for every type of objects and buildings;
  • Production of auto containers and their upgrade on tracks designated for collection and processing of city's waste.
  • Projects and Planning: Preparation of the main project for steel construction according to the project task of the investor.

The company A.D. "Metalec"-Prilep functions as Auctioneer Company, which is 100% privately owned. The company has land mass of total 166 000 m2, covered space {industrial hales, warehouses, storage facilities, and administration building}.

Total number of employees is 250, of which:

  • Engineers 28
  • Technicians 30
  • Locksmiths 65
  • Welders 55
  • Tinsmiths 15
  • Hoist operators 10
Annual producing capacity depending on the construction type:
  • Production 2.500 t
  • Installation 2.000 t
  • Roofing 50.000 m2
Construction Section

The construction section has professional staff and great experience in the construction of complex projects, in the country and abroad, and has at disposal high-quality equipment:

  • Auto crane "Praga" 7 t. 1 piece
  • Auto crane "Tatra" 16 t. 1 piece
  • Auto crane "Kato" 30 t. 1 piece
  • Auto crane "Min" 32 t. 1 piece
  • Auto crane "Kato" 80 t. 1 piece
  • Truck trailer {12 m} 3 pieces
  • Truck 1 piece
  • Bus 52 seats 2 pieces
  • Minibus 8 seats 2 pieces

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