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Company Name: Globe Exports
Contact Person: Mohit Gupta
Address: S.E-6, Old Colony, Kasimpur Power House
City: Aligarh
State/Province: U.P
Zip/PC: 202127
Country: INDIA
Tel: +91-571-2483521
Fax: +91-571-2483521

Globe Exports is a 100 % Export Oriented Unit, situated 140 km east to New Delhi, The capital of India. Globe Exports Hardware Division is manufacturing and exporting Brass Builder Hardware, S.S Hardware & Black Malleable Iron Builder hardware and furniture hardware.

The group is managed by the engineers, architect and qualified artisans. Our products are of high quality raw material & prepared by skillful labour under the strict supervision of qualified staff. Constant innovation in design and production process, to ensure that functionally elegant and aesthetically satisfying products, which beat international competition, can be offered at most competitive prices.

We offer a vast range of brass, steel and iron hardware products, including:

  • Door and Window handles, pulls, stoppers, knockers, bolts casements and many others.
  • Curtain brackets, ends, rods etc.
  • Numerical and Alphabets.
  • Butt Hinges, Continuous Hinges, Railway hinges, Mini Hinges in solid brass and steel.
  • Fasteners, Nail, Screw Nuts, bolts and other furniture hardware accessories.
All these products are available in different finishes like Polished Brass, Chrome, Satin, Powder coated, as well as electroplated in 24 Carat Gold, Nickel and Chrome and Lacquered. The Customer design and ideas are always welcomed. Our products have found a gleeful acceptance by the international clients. Our client base is a combination of two, concentration on new clients and retention of the existing ones. Apart from U.S, France, Australia we have our customers dispersed over a huge international area.

Thanks for showing interest in us and our products. An early reply is expected, to start a new business relationship.

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