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Company Name: Stratign FZCO
Contact Person: Sujatha Nagarajan
Address: Po Box 124010
City: Dubai
State/Province: Dubai
Zip/PC: 124010
Country: UAE
Tel: +971 4 3368600
Fax: +971 4 3373839

Stratign is an innovative High Technology Company specializing in System Engineering, System Integration, Design & Software Engineering. We are a corporation providing not only consulting & maintenance services, but also a manufacturer for specialized equipment for defense & government intelligence agencies. Market driven & technology based, various governments are using our products and services across the globe.

Stratign is uniquely positioned to offer the best of the breed cutting edge mission-critical products, systems, customized & re-engineering solutions for Defense Communications, encryption and COMINT/SIGINT/ELINT requirements.

Our Product range includes Radio Jamming Systems, Portable Jammers, Vehicular Jammers, UAV Jammers, Jamming Transmitters, HF/VHF/UHF Jammers & IED Jammers.

We have Passive Cellular Interception Systems, Gsm Monitoring Systems, Satellite Interception Systems, Inmarsat Surveillance Systems, Radio Monitoring Systems, Voice Fax Loggers, Aerostat Surveillance Systems, Signal Analysis Systems and Speech Detection Systems.

Our Communication Security systems include Voice Fax Data Encryptors, Gsm Cell Phone Encryptors, Link Encryptors, Inmarsat Encryptors as well as Satellite Encryption Systems. We provide our customers with a complete range of Communication Surveillance and Communication Security products.

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