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Company Name: DongMing Aluminium Co., Ltd.
Contact Person: Jennifer Yi
Address: SongYan Li Road
City: GuangZhou
State/Province: GuangDong
Zip/PC: 510800
Country: China
Tel: 86 20 61804987
Fax: 86 20 61804977

The DongMing Aluminium Co.,Ltd. is a professional aluminium components producer, we specially dealing with various classes aluminium products for more than 10 years, our aluminium components using widly in architecture and industry fields, such as structure, furniture, windows and doors, electric appliance, lighting and so on.

We provide re-processing & machining for aluminium products, such as CNC-machining, Punching, Casting, Drilling, Cutting, etc. The surface treatments we offer include Anodizing, Powder Coating, Electrophoretic, PVDF Coating, Wooden Graining Coating, Brushing, etc. With RAL series colors available.

Our production has adopted the ISO 9001: 2000 and GB/T certifications. With our professional technical team and super quality control system, we can supply you the high standard quality products and reasonable price. For those advantages of us, I hope that we can establish a long-term cooperation with your esteemed company and based on the equality, mutual benefits.

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