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Company Name: MOON Enterprize
Contact Person: Mohammad Irfan Ali Khan
Address: House no: 4, Road no: 16, Blk-D, Halishahar
City: Chittagong
State/Province: None
Zip/PC: 4300
Country: Bangladesh
Tel: 8801199271681
Fax: 88031610029

MOON Enterprize is one of the leading company at portcity Chittagong, Bangladesh, which was established in 1999 and starts its working criteria international wide from 2001. From 2001, we have been delivering our commodities only towards the local buyer's. Until that time our commodities was limited to Heavy Melting Ship Scraps.

We have entertained various international tenders and have been asked to bid from various countries, especially Ukraine, CIS, Russia, Bulgaria & Romania. Accordingly, the international tenders we've faced were many and the bids for such commodities of Scrap Ships were successful bids because as our price was often the highest among other bidders.

We deliver these ships via maintaining all government procedures and appropriate authorities while bringing them it into our yard at Bhatiary Scrap Ships Yard. This yard is near the Bay of Bengal Sea which is a big advantageous location for us. While we orginally disassembled these ships in a form of piece by piece to supply to our local buyer, this we no longer practice.

From 2003 April, we collected the export permission from the Government of our country and from June 2003 we started to export the heavy melting steel scraps outside of the country. At present we are not limited with scrap ships but also involved in the supply of Heavy Melting Scraps 1, HMS 1/2, Used Rails, copper cathodes and even the ship furniture.

MOON Enterprize is the only exporter from Chittagong, Bangladesh that has their own yards, shipping facilities, CNF firm and stevedoring unit and that has made MOON well known worldwide in the scrap market. Our prize is very reasonable and we export to various destinations around the world. Even sometimes our prices of materials come fictious with London Metal Exchanges {LME}, because there are no current competitors in our country except outside establishments.

We would like to forward some good offers for 2006 as we have a big and selective quantity of more than 500,00,000 mt scraps available in stock.

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