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Company Name: Changshu Huancheng Packing Product Co., Ltd.
Contact Person: Julia Zhao
Address: Dongbang Town
City: Changshu
State/Province: Jiangsu
Zip/PC: 215534
Country: China
Tel: 86-512-52686399-604
Fax: 86-512-52686400

Changshu Huancheng Packing Product Co., Ltd. is a scientific and technological enterprise which manufacturers high-temperature resistant tape. We specialize in designing, developing, manufacturing and selling "meihualu" brand polyimide film, Polyimide tape {Kapton tape}, PET release film, green and blue PET tape, tapes with release liner, and die-cut tapes.

Meanwhile, we provide the integrated solutions for our customers. Our products feature outstanding temperature-resistance, insulation and specialty. They are extensively applied in electric components, electrical insulation, high-temperature coating and other specialized fields.

With the flourishing development of the domestic electric trade, years' efforts, and by maintaining the spirit: active participation, exploit and progress, we have gained the attention and favor of nearly a hundred organizations in the electric trade. We would continue to be devoted to providing services for more customers, and strive for making greater contributions to the standardization renovation of domestic high-temperature resistant material.

Holding the business concept of: limitless renovation, faith and credit to customers, we will carry out our tenet constantly: promise is priceless. We sincerely expect more trust from customers at home and abroad.

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