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Company Name:Nefab
Contact Person:Arnaldo Guedez
Address:211 Jameson Drive
Zip/PC:K9J 6X6
Home Page:http://www.nefab.com

Established in 1949 as a small carpentry shop, Nefab now offers complete packaging solutions for the entire logistics flow of its customers. Nefab has operations in the world's key industrial regions, offering global service to over 30 countries, utilizing 9 local facilities across the globe.

Nefab serves a wide variety of markets, including the telecom equipment and automotive, aerospace and defense industries. We deliver complete packaging solutions to multinational companies manufacturing high-value, transport sensitive or theft-prone products.

Our customers include: IBM, GM, GE, Ericcson, ABB, and the list goes on. All of Nefab's wood packaging is heat treated, in compliance with phytosanitary regulations {also known as ISPM #15}. This means that our wood packaging can be shipped anywhere in the world without unnecessary waste of time, money or aggravation.

Complete Packaging Solutions

Nefab offers complete packaging solutions for the entire logistics flow of its customers. Through a system of products and services combined with Nefab's global presence, the customer's total costs for logistics and product protection are reduced. The benefits for you:

  • One competent partner reduces the costs of:
  • Reduced Packaging Design Costs
  • Reduced Sourcing Costs
  • Reduced Purchase Costs
  • Unbiased design
  • Global standards: ability to co-ordinate and supply a global packaging solution
  • Logistics Services {including JIT delivery}
  • Total Cost Approach: addressing the entire logistics chain

Nefab ExPak Benefits include:

  • Expendable Packaging
  • Easy assembling
  • Extremely good stacking capability
  • A superior solution for long term storage and transportation
  • Resistance to climatic changes and stress
  • Empty boxes can be folded and stored efficiently
  • A suitable packaging solution for heavy, sensitive and expensive goods
  • Phytosanitary regulations are fulfilled
  • Nefab ExPak can also be certified for dangerous goods shipments
Inner Packaging

Inner packaging protects the product from transport and warehousing damage whilst inside the outer packaging. An example could be blocking packaging that keeps products fixed and separated during transport or foam cushioning that absorbs shock in transportation and loading. There are many ways to protect the products from corrosion and electro static discharges with special plastic bags or other additives inside the packaging. Nefab has vast experience in all areas of product protection, with a long history as supplier of sensitive products to the telecom, automotive and defence industry.

Returnable Packaging

Returnable packaging is usually a cost efficient alternative if the goods flow is reasonably large and the points of distribution are quite few. A rule of thumb is that the packaging should complete at least four cycles per year to be profitable, compared to expendable packaging. Nefab engineers work closely with the customer to develop the appropriate packaging solution. Nefab has more than 35 years experience in the design of reusable packaging and across the globe you can find anything from vegetables to high tech equipment being shipped in Nefab boxes, crates and totes.

Consulting & Services

To minimize the customer's total cost, Nefab conducts a thorough analysis of the requirements for product protection, handling, storage, transportation and environmental impact. Based on the analysis, an optimal packaging solution is designed to protect the product and minimize logistics costs throughout the entire flows. Nefab also offers cost reduction programs for existing packaging solutions and flows. Through applications of Nefabīs proprietary analytical tools, cost savings related to existing packaging can be identified.

Packaging Design

Based on customer requirements regarding image, product protection, handling, storage, transport and environment, Nefab designs complete packaging solutions:

  • Using a structured process
  • With focus on packaging and logistic cost optimisation
  • Using state-of-the art 3D software

    • Unbiased design process
    • Optimised packaging and logistics cost
    • Reduced packaging development costs
    • Access to Nefabīs packaging competence in over 30 countries
Cost Reduction Programs

In a rapidly changing and competitive business environment, the need to improve and to reduce cost is a continuous activity. In the area of packaging and logistics, Nefab has developed a method to systematically review existing processes in order to identify areas of potential cost-take-out. This procedure is referred to as a "Pack-Audit". Performing such an audit will reveal whether there are opportunities for cost-take-outs. Using proprietary software tools, Nefab will also calculate the value of potential savings. This service is offered as a consultancy either on a price per project basis or using a "sharing of savings" approach.

Additional Solutions

Besides design and product delivery, Nefab has developed a service offer including:

  • Contract packing of customer products
  • Pooling of returnable packaging
  • Providing a complete VMI setup,
  • Sourcing, storage, JIT deliveries and flow control.
Nefab assumes the role of a packaging logistics provider, acting as the interface between packaging producers and customers. With strong purchasing power and packaging expertise, Nefab can offer the right packaging solution for a lower total cost - an added value in packaging!


As a Complete Packaging Solutions provider, Nefab also supplies products and machines needed in packing operations. This includes products to close and seal the packaging, to dispense different sorts of filling and to indicate reckless handling of products during transport. Nefab covers the whole spectrum of products from standard tapes to complex machinery for sealing boxes. More than 50 years in the business have given Nefab a unique competence pool that customers can benefit from.

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