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Company Name: Qingdao Bestyear Hardware & Machinery Co., Ltd
Contact Person: Peibo
Address: 1011 Zhonggang Building,16 Fuzhou Road
City: Qingdao China
State/Province: Shandong
Zip/PC: 266071
Country: China
Tel: 0086 532 85786311
Fax: 0086-532-85786310

Qingdao Bestyear Hardware & Machinery Co., Ltd is renown as one of the leading companies in China. It has been exporting valves & pipe fittings for more than 30 years. Our main products include all kinds of marine and industrial valves, pipe fittings, rubber expansion joints, castings, forgings, cuttings, rigings, etc.

Products & Features:

  • All kinds of valves such as gate valve, globe valve, ball valve, butterfly valve, check valve, angle valve, strainer, mud box. etc. All in accordance with API, MSS, AWWA, BS, DIN & JIS standards. The main materials of valves are Cast iron, Cast steel, Forged steel, Stainless steel, etc.
  • All kinds of pipe fittings such as butt weld pipe fitting, stainless steel pipe fitting, malleable pipe fitting, etc. As well as steel nipple, steel socket, steel union and joint.
  • All kinds of rubber expansion joints such as single globe,double globe with flange and union. It can be used by different press and different temperature.
  • We have many kinds of process of castings such as sand casting, die casting, lost wax casting & precision casting. We can supply high quality casting products. {5}We also can supply all kinds of hardwares and steel products such as cuttings, forgings & rigings, all according to your drawing and requirements.

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