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Company Name: F16 MFG CO., LTD.
Contact Person: Maggie CHIU
Address: No.2, Lane28, Mingyuan St.
City: Sanchong City
State/Province: Taipei
Zip/PC: 24161
Country: Taiwan
Tel: +886 2 2981-0800
Fax: +886 2 2982-5088

F16 Mfg. Co. Ltd., founded in 1967, has been one of the leading Taiwanese operated manufacturers of lock and hardware and an exclusive manufacturer of high security locks, and related hardware security products.

F16 Mfg. Co., Ltd. is positioned as a provider of innovative products and tailored services in order to meet demands of the growing market easily for solutions as well as for strong and secure high-quality products, with a fast and consistent service.

As an original designing manufacturer of locks and a equipment manufacturer, we devotes to integrating our research and development operations to innovate and upgrade our product lines consistently, with our clients' requirements, such as industrial and hardware locks, architectural locks and hardware, and automobile locking security systems, to name a few. Consequently, our constant spirit has given us a good reliable reputation of being one of the few well-known manufacturers of locks and hardware worldwide.

Our mission aims at providing our customers the solid and enduring security products upon our spirit of innovation, quality and good value for the consumers.

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