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Company: Fletcher & Fletcher Budget Information System
Established: 1987
Description: For over 20 years Fletcher has been providing for the budgeting needs of counties, cities, schools, sheriff's departments and utilities. The Fletcher & Fletcher budgeting solution is customized to the unique needs of the user site. The application interfaces with your finance, payroll & personnel system, merging data into an integrated database structure which allows you to effectively perform your strategic planning, justifications, capital improvement planning, document preparation and reporting. The Budget Information System will improve your planning processes productivity and budget presentation with an efficient budgeting software product and unsurpassed technical support when you need it. Use of the application will help lower the number of hours spent completing your budget, in addition to lowering staffing needs for database management. We continually update our application development environment for the most innovative technology advances benefiting the budgeting environment.

Important Features:

  • Customize. Structured to your account structure and payroll benefits and pay plans.
  • Integrate. Works with any Finance and Payroll/Personnel system currently on the market
  • Improve. Lower staffing requirements, hours spent on budgeting, and maintenance.
  • Flexible. Does not require that you change systems or operations
  • Compliant. Accepts file downloads of account history data for expenditure and revenue data, and payroll/personnel data for each position in your organization
  • Project. Provides for salary and benefits projections, expenditure and revenue projections based upon user controlled algorithms.
  • Handle. Provides for multiple bargaining units, COLA's, longevity, life, health, dental, and disability plans as well as separate budgeting of new program and/or positions to be budgeted and reviewed as individual decision packages
  • Define. Provides for multiple detail lines for each expenditure object account, allows justification at the detail level, and rolls all totals to the expenditure/cost center/fund levels
  • Measure. Provides for entry of goals, objectives, and performance measures which are used to track progress and create a scorecard
  • Report. Delivers multiple layers of reporting by fund/department and projects at rollup/summary and detail levels as desired for use in analysis and/or publishing
  • Secure. Provides for full restriction of access to certain function and features for individual users and user groups which can be changed whenever desired
  • Publish. Provides GFOA award-winning, quality documents and is Internet/Intranet capable
  • Online. Web version now available for instant access to server data so you can complete your budget from any location with internet access.

Classification: Distributor/Dealer
Target Markets: North America
Tel: 904-273-6277
Fax: 904-273-6230
Address: 117 Linkside Circle
City: Ponte Vedra Beach
State/Province: Florida
Zip/PC: 32082
Country: USA
URL: http://www.BudgetInformationSystem.com
Contact: John Fletcher

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