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Company: Johnson Bros. Metal Forming Co.
Established: 1948
Description: Manufacturers of Roll Formed Metal Components such as: U-Channels, Angles, C-Channels, Framing, Rails, Tracks, Slides, Panels, Open Seam Tubing, Lock Seam Tubing, Rings, Clamp Rings, Rims, Railings, Frames, Profiles, Mouldings, Trim, Edgings, Slats, Strips, Diffusers, Heat Transfer Plates, Din-Rails, Cable Trays, Wireways, Ducts, Hat Posts, Roof Bows & much more. The Components are manufactured in all metals such as Ferrous & Non-Ferrous, Prefinishied, Post Finished & Plain. Inline Fabricating provided to remove secondary operations such as, Perforating, Holes, Notching, Slots, Cutouts, End Fabricating, Cut-to-Length, Miters, Ring Bending, K/O`s, Shear Forms, Tabs & more.
1: Roll Forming
2: Angles
3: U-Channels
Classification: Manufacturer
Target Markets: North America
Tel: 708-449-7050
Fax: 708-449-0042
Address: 5520 McDermott Drive
City: Berkeley
State/Province: Illinois
Zip/PC: 60163-1203
Country: United States
URL: http://www.JohnsonRollForming.com
Contact: Don Ebbinghaus & Jim Cichowski

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