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Company: Questica, Inc.
Established: 1998
Description: Questica Inc., provides intuitive, powerful and advanced business solutions that suit the needs of the public sector and ETO industry. Our goal is to help every client make significant improvements in their productivity and profitability by assisting in streamlining their information systems. At Questica we are committed to earning the respect and loyalty of our clients by serving as their advisors on improving their business information processes in order to meet the challenges of growth and global competition. With almost 20 years of experience in developing full featured business solutions, we take pride in providing our customers with exceptional service from implementing and training to ongoing support. We work closely with our customers to ensure that our solutions are used to their maximum potential.

Clients throughout North America are using Questica's solutions to streamline their business process and increase productivity and profitability. Our TeamBudget Capital and TeamBudget Operating customers experience shorter budget preparation cycles as our solutions eliminate the need for spreadsheets, centralize budgets, track changes and automate reports. Our Questica SE customers enjoy the benefits of integrating Sales, Engineering, Purchasing, Production and Accounting to dramatically improve their productivity, management control and profits. Our unique industry experience and personal working relationship with clients has allowed us to continue developing solutions that meet real business needs.
1: ETO Software
2: Capital Budgeting Software
3: Operating Budgeting Software
Classification: Industrial Services
Target Markets: North America
Tel: 905-634-0110
Fax: 905-634-4039
Address: 3190 Harvester Rd., Suite 102A
City: Burlington
State/Province: Ontario
Zip/PC: L7N 3T1
Country: Canada
URL: http://www.questica.com
Contact: Marketing

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