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Company: ABMyr Industries
Established: 1920
Description: ABMyr Industries provides advanced Paint Finishing and Air Management solutions for industrial and manufacturing plants. We provide complete paint finishing systems including washers, booths, ovens and technical services. Our air management products include air supply house systems with complete plant ventilation, weld smoke and oil mist removal, and worker comfort. Our innovative and patented technologies can cut energy usage in half. Recently the national Energy Solutions Center (ESC) awarded us their Energy Award for the advanced and innovative energy-saving technologies we implemented at a client installation.
1: Industrial Paint Finishing
2: Paint Booth
3: Cure Oven
Classification: Manufacturer, Industrial Services
Target Markets: North America
Tel: 734-941-2200
Fax: 734-941-8332
Address: 39635 I-94 South Service Drive
City: Belleville
State/Province: Michigan
Zip/PC: 48111
Country: USA
URL: http://www.abmyr.com
Contact: Sales

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