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Company: Yunsheng USA
Established: 1996
Description: YunSheng USA is the North American sales and service arm of Yunsheng High-Tech Magnetics Co., a leading ISO 14001 certified, worldwide manufacturer of high performance, Permanent Magnets and magnetic assemblies. We are a wholly-owned subsidiary of Ningbo Yunsheng Co. Ltd, a public company with almost 4000 employees worldwide. Our USA operations guarantees immediate customer response, around-the-clock production, direct factory access and the most competitive offshore pricing advantage. We are TS16949 certified and own the Patent license from Sumitomo Special Metals Co. to develop, manufacture and market licensed NdFeB type anisotropic sintered magnets worldwide. We also manufacture bonded Neodymium, AlNiCo and SmCo magnets. We specialize in: micro motors, linear servo motors, generators, sensors, separators, a lternators, starters, acoustic equipment and green energy applications. We also offer design consulting, testing and engineering services for custom projects.
1: sintered and bonded neodymium magnets
2: licensed permanent magnets manufacturer
3: motors and magnetic assemblies
Classification: Manufacturer
Target Markets: North America
Tel: n/a
Fax: 650-827-7927
Address: 395 Oyster Point Blvd, Ste 230
City: South San Francisco
State/Province: California
Zip/PC: 94080
Country: United States
URL: http://www.yunshengusa.com
Contact: John Ebert

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