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Company: Radius Actuators & Accessories
Established: 1974
Description: Supplies valve actuators, positioners, and limit switches with optional pilot solenoids. Actuators come in electric or pneumatic. The Radius actuator has hard anodized housings that withstand harsh, corrosive environments where other actuators fail. Actuator pistons are honed producing a smooth surface, insuring a longer life cycle. Suitable for ball, butterfly, and plug valves and damper applications, Radius electric and pneumatic actuators are work with most valves.
1: valves
2: actuators
3: controls
Classification: Distributor/Dealer
Target Markets: WORLDWIDE - All Regions
Tel: 248.685.0773
Fax: n/a
Address: 4922 Technical Drive
City: Milford
State/Province: Michigan
Zip/PC: 48381
Country: US
URL: http://www.radius-eng.com
Contact: Sales

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