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Company: Ideal Steel Detailers Inc
Established: n/a
Description: We provide high quality structural steel detailing, 3D Modeling of complex structures, shop fabrication drawings, BOM (Bill Of Materials), anchor bolt setting plans, steel designs, CAD drawings, structural steel drawings, tekla designs, 3D steel modeling & miscellaneous steel drafting services for steel fabricators across Canada and USA.
1: Steel Detailing Ontario
2: Tekla Designers Canada
3: Structural Steel Canada
Classification: Steel Fabrication, Building & Construction
Target Markets: North America
Tel: (416) 737 6463
Fax: (905) 554 3303
Address: 327 Elson Street
City: Markham
State/Province: Ontario
Zip/PC: L3S 4S4
Country: Canada
URL: http://www.idealsteeldetailers.com
Contact: Thajan

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