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Company: Wolf Technical Services, Inc.
Established: 1977
Description: Wolf Technical Services, Inc., has been a leader in forensic engineering and research for more than 30 years. Based in Indianapolis, our team of professional experts specialize in product liability, accident reconstruction, fire investigations, government research, transportation and logistic consulting, trucking safety, shipping loss prevention and graphics.

The following is a list of some of our engineers, investigators and graphic consultants:

  • Jon R. Carr: Military Solutions
  • Guy A. Bodenhorn, C.F.E.I., C.F.I.I.: Fire & Explosion Investigations
  • Gary Chambers, P.E.: Construction Design/Structural Defects, Highway/Roadway Design, Slip & Falls
  • Jim Casassa, P.E.: Accident reconstruction, Commercial/Large Vehicle Incidents, Forensic Engineering
  • Stuart Nightenhelser: Weather and Atmospheric Physics, Accident reconstruction, Military Systems, Innovative Solutions, Railroad Accidents, Research and Development
  • Andy Pruitt: Accident reconstruction, Acoustic Signal Processing, Forensic Engineering, Visibility Lighting, Military Systems
  • Tim P. Maher: Animations, HyperVideo, Demonstrative Evidence, Interactive Presentations
  • Artur Katny: Military Systems, Research and Development
  • Michael D. Pepe, P.E.: Accident reconstruction, Acoustic Signal Processing, Applied Magnetics, Military Systems, Forensic Engineering
  • George Phelps, C.F.I., C.F.I.I., C.F.A.I.: Fire and Explosion Investigations
  • John Whitaker, A.C.T.A.R.: Accident reconstruction, Commercial and Large Vehicle Incidents
  • Tom Wood: Construction Design and Structural Defects, HVAC, Electrial System Analysis
  • Greg Roach: Economic Analysis, Innovative Solutions
  • Marion Schafer, Ph.D., CPP, CPLP: Packaging Design and Analysis, Shipping and Transportation
  • Kevin Johnson, A.C.T.A.R.: Accident reconstruction, Railroad Accidents, Visibility Lighting, Black Boxes
  • Walter A. Guntharp, Jr.: Commercial and Large Vehicle Incidents, Trucking Incidents, Military Systems
  • William E. Dickinson, P.E.: Accident reconstruction, Forensic Engineering, Occupant Restraints, Protective Device, Military Systems, Product Liability
  • John M. Devers: 3-D Scale Models, Animations, HyperVideo, Demonstrative Evidence, Firearm Incidents, Trial and Mediation Services
  • Paul Thogersen, P.E., C.F.E.I.: Acoustic Signal Processing, Applied Magnetics, Chemical and Material Testing, Fire and Explosion Investigations, HVAC, Electrical System Analysis, Metallurgy,
  • Christina D. Kelly: Commercial and Large Vehicle Incidents, Trucking Incidents
For more information on Wolf, please visit our Web site.
Classification: Engineering/Consultancy
Target Markets: WORLDWIDE - All Regions
Tel: (317) 842-6075 or (800) 783-9653
Fax: (317) 842-6974
Address: 6836 Hawthorn Park Drive
City: Indianapolis
State/Province: Indiana
Zip/PC: 46220-3909
Country: USA
URL: http://www.wolftechnical.com
Contact: Sales

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