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Company: The Rock Yard, Inc.
Established: 1993
Description: The Rock Yard, Inc. supplies stone contractors and residents in the North Georgia and Metro Atlanta area with a huge selection of top quality building and landscape stones at the lowest prices. With our extensive network of suppliers across the nation we can provide just about any stone imaginable. We are one of the largest distributors of 'Centurion' manufactured lightweight stone in the state and have tens of thousands of square feet in stock. Builders and architects regularly come by our stone yards to source our stone and discuss their projects with us. We have an extensive photograph collection of stonework to show our customers and many display panels. Our prior installation experience is often called upon to help with stone selection, installation issues and material calculations. We lead the field in fast deliveries and often make next day deliveries making it easier for you to schedule masons and keep your customers satisfied. Our lightweight forklifts leave as small a foot print as possible. We have a list of professional stone contractors for your area so bring your dreams and your plans to The Rock Yard, Inc. and build a lasting impression in stone.
1: Stone Yard
2: Centurion Stone
3: Flagstone
Classification: Distributor/Dealer, Manufacturer Representatives
Target Markets: North Georgia & Metro Atlanta (USA)
Tel: 770-534-4040
Fax: 770-534-4411
Address: 2348 Monroe Drive
City: Gainesville
State/Province: Georgia
Zip/PC: 30507
Country: USA
URL: http://www.therockyardinc.com
Contact: Sales

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