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Company: WipWare
Established: 1995
Description: With the introduction of WipFrag in 1986, WipWare became the industry leader in optical granulometry of fragmented material. Since that time, the company has built a global reputation for excellence in software innovation and design, earning it the trust and loyalty of hundreds of users worldwide. With WipFrag Momentum and WipFrag Reflex, WipWare continues to provide customers with innovative solutions to their optimization and automation needs. Because you can't manage what you can't measure; it is critical to understand that if you don't know your existing process performance, it is difficult to know how to improve it. The information our systems provide is comprehensive and allows our end users to make important process optimization decisions based on actual process data. This capability has saved our end users countless millions in electrical, mechanical, chemical and environmental costs.

WipWare is the standard because:

  • WipWare invented optical granulometry at the University of Waterloo nearly two decades ago creating WIEP (Waterloo Image Enhancement Process) which was later renamed WipFrag
  • WipWare has developed and refined this technology for over 15 years
  • WipWare is the largest supplier of this equipment and technology in the world
  • To date, WipWare has produced more photo analysis systems than all of its known competitors combined by an estimated 4:1 ratio
  • WipWare has a network of 27 distributors and agents in over 17 countries ensuring our clients local access to sales and service
  • WipFrag technology has been validated (tested and accepted) by more universities, research organizations, aggregate producers, mining companies and government agencies than any other system
  • Superior edge detection, optimized code and high-speed processors allow WipWare to provide real-time results
  • WipWare components carry mission critical designations; They are capable of running 24 / 7 under high load in volatile environments
  • WipWare products have superior connectivity and are currently capable of communicating with over 500 different control systems
  • WipWare products are more versatile and scalable than alternative technologies
  • WipWare continuously develops new products to fit the needs of industry
  • WipWare has the highest frequency of repeat customers
With its headquarters in North Bay, Ontario, Canada and an established distribution network of international partners we are capable of delivering unrivaled products and services to our customers around the globe.
1: Photoanalysis
2: Measurement
3: Fragmentation
Classification: Mining/Quarry
Target Markets: WORLDWIDE - All Regions
Tel: 1-705-472-2664
Fax: 1-705-472-2645
Address: 600 Gormanville Road, Unit I
City: North Bay
State/Province: Ontario
Zip/PC: P0H 1Z0
Country: Canada
URL: http://www.wipware.com
Contact: Sales

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