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Company: Front Range Precast Concrete
Established: 1947
Description: Based out of Boulder, Colorado, Front Range Precast Concrete manufactures and delivers FLXX® Watertight Concrete Tanks for septic systems, sand/grease & oil interceptors, and cisterns for potable water storage and fire protection. Front Range Precast is also the sole distributor for the HOOT Advanced Treatment Unit in Colorado. We also offer a full line of pumps, control panels, and other items to give you a single stop for all your installation needs. Our patented production process guarantees water-tightness, and every customized quote includes delivery and setting of the tank. Our entire catalog is now online.
1: septic systems
2: interceptors
3: water cisterns
Classification: Manufacturer
Target Markets: North America
Tel: 303-442-3207
Fax: 303-442-3209
Address: 5439 N. Foothills Hwy
City: Boulder
State/Province: Colorado
Zip/PC: 80302
Country: United States
URL: http://www.flxx.com
Contact: Chad Perlmutter

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