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Company: Waterloo Manufacturing Software
Established: 1991
Description: Waterloo Manufacturing Software develops, markets, sells and supports TACTIC Production Scheduling and Advanced Planning and Scheduling Software. TACTIC both generates detailed shop floor dispatches lists and plans multiple locations throughout the supply chain. TACTIC helps manufacturers reduce supply and inventory costs while maintaining or improving customer service. It is highly customizable, and is used in a wide range of different industries. Manufacturers use TACTIC to promise delivery, plan and schedule production, plan material, plan capacity, and deal with changes and problems. TACTIC's sophisticated scheduling algorithms and what-if features let management teams continuously balance what's good for business with what's good for customers, as they encounter changes and problems with increasingly complex tradeoffs.
1: Production Scheduling Software
2: Manufacturing Scheduling Software
3: Advanced Planning and Scheduling Softwar
Classification: Manufacturer, Industrial Services
Target Markets: North America, Latin America, UK/Western Europe, Central/Eastern Europe, Northern Asia, Southern Asia, Australia/Oceania
Tel: 781-237-2678
Fax: 781-237-9999
Address: PO Box 81264
City: Wellesley
State/Province: Massachusetts
Zip/PC: 02481
Country: USA
URL: http://www.waterloo-software.com
Contact: Charles Murgiano

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