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Company: Illinois Masonry
Established: 1978
Description: Illinois Masonry is a masonry company located in Lake Zurich, IL that serves the Chicagoland area as well as the greater Midwest. The Illinois Masonry Corp. philosophy is as simple as it is meaningful: Safety. Quality. Efficiency. Our employees take pride in living up to these core values and demonstrating their commitment to them on a daily basis. By incorporating this philosophy as a way of life, Illinois Masonry Corp. delivers outstanding performance that is unmatched in the industry. Illinois Masonry Corp. prides itself on taking every possible step to make certain that every person involved with every job can be confident that their safety comes first. Our continual and precise monitoring of jobsite safety, OSHA compliance, and safety training allow us to create and retain the safest working environment possible. Additionally, Illinois Masonry Corp. uses top of the line materials and equipment, and employs and trains a team of highly-skilled, 100-percent union masons, laborers, and operators to make certain that your project is completed accurately by professional craftsmen, on time, the first time.

In 1978, the Vacala Brothers set out to complete a number of small restoration jobs in the Chicagoland area with nothing more than an old Ford van, a handful of tools, and an ambitious vision. At the time, they had no idea that they were setting the building blocks for a company that would expand to be one of the largest award winning masonry companies in the Midwest. Through the years, Illinois Masonry Corp. has built a solid reputation with many of the largest general contracting firms in the United States.
1: Illinois Masonry
2: Illinois Masonry Contractors
3: Masonry Company Chicago
Classification: Construction
Target Markets: North America; Greater Illinois
Tel: (847)550-5100
Fax: (847)550-5555
Address: 200 Telser Road
City: Lake Zurich
State/Province: Illinois
Zip/PC: 60047
Country: United States
URL: http://illinoismasonry.com
Contact: Ashley Packard

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