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Company: Bongo International
Established: 2007
Description: Bongo International has realized the challenges that international consumers and American businesses face with international shipping. We have developed a new and unique way to fulfill demand for consumers who would like international delivery of US goods. This process has also helped US companies who want to expand their operations to provide international shipping. Bongo Internationalīs services provide international consumers with a US address. The address is located at our warehouse in the north east (Bridgeport, CT) of the US. This allows individuals and businesses overseas the ability to purchase US goods, consolidate purchases, and have them shipped for international delivery. Our services give international consumers access to the entire US retail and industrial market and makes international shipping more cost effective. Our job at Bongo International is to take in the goods, store them, repackage them when our customers advise us, and handle any custom related issues that may arise. Bongo and our distribution partners, who have been providing international delivery for decades, handle these goods with confidence and care. The end result is a very powerful service that has now linked US businesses with international consumers and businesses.

Bongo International was started in 2007 by Craig Turnbull. Craig spent years working for various logistics companies and came to realize how difficult international trade was for consumers and businesses alike. US businesses did not want to ship their products overseas because of the high fraud risk, customs compliance issues, high shipping rates, and the cost to change their operations. Conversely, consumers that wanted to make purchases in the US were being blocked everywhere they went. Craig saw these challenges as a true opportunity to bridge the gap between US businesses and international consumers. Having a middle man process international orders would give US businesses the piece of mind that their products were being shipped overseas to fraud free customers at a low cost. This process also allowed international consumers the ability to make purchases at companies that would not accept their business in the past. They were now able to present themselves as a US customer. Bongo would then ship the goods overseas in a consolidated manner. Over the past 1.5 years, the company has seen unbelievable growth month over month. Bongo has now connected the world with the US.
1: Mail Forwarding
2: US mailbox
3: International shipping
Classification: B2B Services
Target Markets: WORLDWIDE - All Regions
Tel: 203-683-4894
Fax: 203-612-9645
Address: 955 Connecticut Ave.
City: Bridgeport
State/Province: Connecticut
Zip/PC: 06607
Country: USA
URL: http://www.BongoUS.com
Contact: Greg Sack

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