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Company: StableBase
Established: 2000
Description: Throughout history, attempts have been made to safely increase a ladder's stability while decreasing its tendency to shift and/or tip. Due to their complexity, unreliability or poor design, these systems have generally failed. Our research into the different field applications of standard ladder types has yielded a stabilizing system that is practical, easy to install, and convenient to use. StableBase has addressed these concerns with the enhancement of ladder safety across all applications. We have developed a stabilization solution comprising three new product offerings (patents pending) that will revolutionize ladder safety, improving job site conditions for workers in all environments.

This property poses a very large safety concern for both the user and his/her immediate working environment. Many users will haphazardly attempt to reach or step off the mechanism, disregarding the manufacturer's structural & physical stability specifications. As this occurs, the integrity of the device is severely compromised and its balance is upset. The result of this situation is often severe injury to the user, including the possibility of paralysis or even death.
1: step ladder stabilizer
2: ladder stabilizer
3: safety equipment
Classification: Manufacturer, Distributor/Dealer
Target Markets: WORLDWIDE - All Regions
Tel: 978-667-5132
Fax: 978-667-5132
Address: 70 Faulkner Mills
City: Billerica
State/Province: Massachusetts
Zip/PC: 01862
Country: USA
URL: http://www.stablebaseusa.com
Contact: Bob Spengler

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