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Company: Bulk Pro Systems
Established: 2007
Description: Bulk Pro Systems is manufacturer of equipment for the bulk material conveying industry. A complete line of conveyor accessories includes pull cord, belt misalignment, belt damage, zero speed, and plugged chute switches. These items are stocked in Minnesota for immediate shipment through out the world. We manufacture to order weighing equipment for conveyors like belt scales and weigh feeders. Our newest products include a Mercury free version of the popular tilt switch used as high bin indicators and pulled chute detectors. Equipment does have CE approved versions of the products for our European based customers.

Bulk Pro Systems was founded by several people that were employed by Ramsey Engineering for many years. When Ramsey was sold to ThermoElectron, they became unhappy with the future direction of their company and decided to leave and start something similiar to the old company. The goal of the company was to make better products at reasonable prices and regain many lost customers of their former company. The acceptance and respect of these founders in the bulk material handling industry lead to the company being profitable 3 months after inception and has grown the company at a exponental rate since. The company sales are 50% export and 50% domestic, so many of the products have IEC testing and CE Mark approvals.
1: tilt switch
2: conveyor switch
3: belt scale
Classification: Manufacturer
Target Markets: WORLDWIDE - All Regions
Tel: 011-763-767-0003
Fax: 011-763-767-3282
Address: 13361 Aberdeen st NE
City: Ham Lake
State/Province: Minneosota
Zip/PC: 55304
Country: USA
URL: http://www.bulkprosystems.com
Contact: Bruce Erickson

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