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Company: Atlas Copco Prime Energy
Established: 1990
Description: Atlas Copco Prime Energy is the North American division of Atlas Copco Specialty Rentals. We rent large industrial 100% oil-free air compressors and high pressure oil-injected units from 300-3000 CFM and up to 650 PSI. Focused on the rental of large portable air compressors, we are the world's leader in 100% oil-free air rentals. As part of the Atlas Copco Specialty Rental Division, we are part of a global network of rental outlets in more than 50 countries. We have the largest fleet of oil-free air in North America with well over 1 million CFM capacity. In close cooperation with customers and business partners, and with 135 years of experience, Atlas Copco. innovates for superior productivity. With Rental Customer Centers strategically located across the US, Canada and Mexico, Atlas Copco Prime Energy's fleet of electric and diesel powered portable compressors can provide the 100% oil-free air needed for virtually any application. Atlas Copco Prime Energy is the only rental company in North America with ISO 8573-1 Class Zero certified compressors. This means our Atlas Copco compressors have been independently tested to meet the toughest standard for oil-free air - class zero. In addition, Atlas Copco Prime Energy has been granted triple certification to ISO 9001:2000, ISO 14001:2004 and OHSAS 18001 for Quality, Environmental and Occupational Health & Safety Management by Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance (LRQA). This triple certifcation demonstrates our commitment to the quality of our services, our care for the environmental impact of our operations and the health and safety of our employees and customers.

Atlas Copco Prime Energy is the North American arm of the Atlas Copco Specialty Rental Division - a global network of rental organizations focused on rental of Atlas Copco portable air compressors to many different industries. Air compressors and accessories from Atlas Copco Prime Energy have provided solutions in planned and emergency situations for more than 30 years, specializing in oil-free air compressor applications. Atlas Copco Prime Energy is proud to be the exclusive rental provider of the Atlas Copco portable oil-free compressed air line - the best brand in the business. Atlas Copco pioneered the development of oil-free air screw technology nearly sixty years ago. Its range of oil-free air screw compressors are designed for critical applications that require 100% oil-free, clean air. Our compressors range from 300-3000 CFM and up to 650 PSI. With its large fleet size and impressive logistics capabilities, Atlas Copco Prime Energy can handle multi-unit projects that would have been viewed as impossible in the past. Today, with an extensive fleet (more than one million cubic feet) of the best portable oil-free air compressors available on the market, Atlas Copco Prime Energy is the leader in compressor rentals.
1: Air Compressor
2: Oil Free
3: high pressure
Classification: Industrial Services
Target Markets: WORLDWIDE - All Regions
Tel: 780 - 483-3092
Fax: 780 - 483-5032
Address: 16520 111 th Ave
City: Edmonton
State/Province: Alberta
Zip/PC: T5M 3V8
Country: Canada
URL: http://www.atlascopcoprimeenergy.com
Contact: Ana Cruz

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