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Company: SDL Coating
Established: 1990
Description: Full service powder coating and conventional spray coating facility. Mil-Spec, hygienic, EMR/RFI Shielding, anti-corrosive and decorative coatings. Expert surface preparation, masking, pre-coating, quality assurance testing and premium packaging. SDL Coatings works with clients to solve complex finishing requirements. We help clients solve manufacturing issues related to coatings and we work with our suppliers to engineer coatings to meet our customer's unique needs. Whether you are launching a new product or refurbishing an existing one, SDL Coating can provide quality finishing and professional service.
1: Powder Coating Service
2: Spray Painting Service
3: Metal Finishing Service
Classification: Industrial Services
Target Markets: North America
Tel: 732-473-0800
Fax: 732-473-0850
Address: 1591 Rte 37
City: Toms River
State/Province: New Jersey
Zip/PC: 08755
Country: USA
URL: http://www.sdlcoating.com
Contact: Louis Russo

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