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Company: Premier Building Systems
Established: 1982
Description: You've heard the buzzwords: energy efficiency, green, sustainable, healthy. When it comes to building and renovation, all these words describe the same thing: making well-informed decisions and choosing the right building products. Premier Building Systems can help you make the right decisions while impacting both the environment and your family. PBS is North America's largest manufacturer of Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs). As one of the most environmentally conscious framing products available in today's market, Premier's pre-insulated SIPs offer substantial energy saving in both hot and cold climates (50-60%). In addition to qualifying for tax benefits and achieving superior resale values, contractors who build with Premier SIPs offer customers peace of mind for choosing an exceptional framing product that is also good for the environment.

How green are Premier SIPs?
Premier SIPs help protect our environment by dramatically reducing the amount of gas, oil and coal used for heating and cooling. In fact, when compared to stick frame construction, SIPs construction saves up to 60% on heating and cooling need (and costs) and contribute far less to the "green house" then traditional construction framing. Zero-Energy structures are possible when building with PBS SIPs. Made from recycled and recyclable content, Premier SIPs reduce jobsite construction waste by about 30% and offer valuable points towards environmental certifications such as LEED.

How strong are Premier SIPs?
Strength in building materials is judged by their ability to withstand the forces of nature. Premier SIPs have withstood natural disasters such as earthquakes, fire and hurricanes better than stick-framed homes. Airborne debris can be a major threat to property and lives during a storm; however, Premier SIPs are better able to resist penetration, protecting families and your structures.

How do Premier SIPs help create healthier living?
Without hesitation, Premier structures are the most comfortable, quiet, and clean buildings out there. Unlike a stick-frame structure, insulation is an integral part of SIPs construction. Air and moisture penetration are greatly reduced; drastically improving indoor air quality. Premier SIPs provide tighter home that trap airborne pollutants such as odors, molds and bacteria. Premier SIPs are stronger, straighter and greener. For more information about Premier SIPs contact us today!

We are the largest SIPs manufacturer in North America, Premier Building Systems is a division of Insulfoam LLC, the largest EPS foam manufacturer and fabricator in North America. Both Insulfoam LLC and Premier Building Systems are owned by Carlisle Construction Materials, one of the largest construction material corporations in the country. Premier has a strong presence in the SIPs industry with more dedicated sales representatives, project managers, and distributors located throughout North America than any other SIPs manufacturer.
1: Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs)
2: Stick frame construction
3: energy efficient building products
Classification: Manufacturer
Target Markets: North America
Tel: 253-926-2020
Fax: 253-926-3992
Address: 4609 70th Avenue East
City: Fife
State/Province: Washington
Zip/PC: 98424
Country: USA
URL: http://www.pbssips.com
Contact: Jeff Beason

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