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Company: Meller Optics, Inc.
Established: 1921
Description: Meller Optics, formerly the Adolf Meller Company, has been providing high quality optics to defense, medical, laser and industrial markets for over 50 years. Specializing in grinding and polishing of hard, durable materials such as Sapphire and Ruby, Meller Optics has also developed high-speed, low- cost finishing processes for a variety of Laser Glasses, Fused Silica, Zinc Selenide, Germanium, Silicon, Fluorides, and Ceramic materials. Configurations include windows, substrates, lenses, domes, and prisms. Meller Optics, an ISO 9002 certified company, also supplies quality Microlux Alumina polishing abrasives and Gugolz optical polishing pitch.
1: sapphire optics
2: meller optics
3: industrial optics
Classification: Manufacturer, Distributor/Dealer
Target Markets: WORLDWIDE - All Regions
Tel: 800-821-0180
Fax: 401-331-0519
Address: 120 Corliss Street
City: Providence
State/Province: Rhode Island
Zip/PC: 02904
Country: USA
URL: http://www.melleroptics.com
Contact: Steve Lydon

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