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Company: Harland America
Established: 1972
Description: For more than thirty years Harland America has been manufacturing high speed labeling machinery for use in the prime labeling industry. Harland has sales and service offices throughout the world. Harland manufactures pressure sensitive and under license shrink labelers for use around the world. The company produces in-line, rotary and stand mounted Pressure sensitive labelers that can run films as thin as .5 mil. Harland specializes in custom applications. The company also manufactures under license Sleevit shrink labelers.

Harland began in 1972 in the United Kingdom as par of Harland and Hull manufacturing labeler for Harland and Hull customers. Customers not associated with the label production side began to request equipment. The machine group split from Harland and Hull to form Harland Machine and later Harland America.
1: Pressure senstive labeler
2: Rotary labeling
3: Shrink sleeve labeler
Classification: Manufacturer
Target Markets: WORLDWIDE - All Regions
Tel: 856-764-9622
Fax: 856-764-9615
Address: 1801 Underwood Blvd.
City: Delran
State/Province: New Jersey
Zip/PC: 08075
Country: United States
URL: http://www.harlandamerica.com
Contact: Dan Williams

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