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Company: DuraSeal Pipe Coating Company, LLC
Established: 2008
Description: DuraSeal Pipe Coating Company, Provides a process and coating fastener and metal manufacturerers to all Metals that "STOPS" corrossion and strengthens the material it is applied to. The company has successfully applied it's DuraSil Pipe coating to Drill oil pipe with astounding positive results. So astounding that it has been coating all types of metals with the same results; Longer lasting and stronger metals. Even though we are just starting our presence is felt throughout the metals industry, the sports and auto industries as well.

DuraSeal's DuraSil Nano-Coating Technology Solution

DuraSeal's DuraSil Nano-molecular coating provides the unique ability to deeply penetrate the substrate or surface of the materials to which they are applied and chemically-bind with the many free ions within the material as well as on the substrate. This allows DuraSil to become a permanent, integral part of the substrate due to the formation of new molecules driven to reaction completion. This major achievement is photographed below.

Considered the "Holy Grail" of corrosion prevention

This process creates a powerful, indestructible bond. Delaminating (separation) of DuraSil from the surface (unlike the typical result with competitors' coatings) will not occur. Any attempt to separate DuraSil from a material to which it is applied results in separation within the material, beyond the DuraSil's fused molecular attachment. Metal rips from metal, composite tears from composite. The DuraSil bond remains intact. Conventional coatings merely mechanically adhere to the surface of the material to which they are applied. This adhesion is relatively weak; delamination of such coatings can, and does, occur, limiting their effective life. Many are susceptible to wear and even moderate corrosion; and weathering attack can and usually results in flaking and peeling within a short time.

Other Nano-coatings companies use Nano-particulates, such as Bucky Balls and Carbon Nano-tubes that are applied to the surface of a material using some form of mechanically adhesive technology; the same approach as with conventional coatings. They do not penetrate into the material to which they are applied, and so do not become part of that material. As such other, non-DuraSil Nano-coatings will last only as long as the effective life of their adhesive technology before they start flaking away. They can be compromised by bumps and scratches to the materials surface and over time run the very real risk of releasing Nano-particulates into the environment. DuraSil by its nature will last significantly longer, be less compromised by bumps and scratches to a material's surface and there is no risk of Nano-particulates being unknowingly released into the environment. All-in-all DuraSil is a superior technology solution that delivers a better protective coating.

Oil and Gas Pipe Coating

The enclosed pictures detail some of our current customer field and lab based testing of DuraSeal's coatings. These tests were performed on oil and gas drill pipe. A group from the mid west has been applying product for several months on pipe that is being used in producing wells. We have been observing its performance down hole by utilizing well bore scopes. To date all treated pipe has yet to show any signs of corrosion. To explain: In high sulfuric content fields untreated pipe corrodes very quickly. We were informed that some treated pipe went into a field known for early pipe failures where operators observed corrosion starting in 7 days and complete failures in as early as 30 days. DuraSil (the coating used by DuraSeal) treated pipe has been in service over 120 days with no signs of corrosion. DuraSeal now is opening additional facilities to service other well pipe suppliers and well operators who have similar needs that can result in additional large volumes of pipe for coating.

Cost Benefits

To appreciate the need for this service one must first understand that typical untreated pipe costs less than half that of lined pipe, and lined pipe is also prone to failure. The other issue which makes treated unlined pipe of a specific diameter pipe more attractive than lined is the amount of Cubic feet per minute that can flow. Lined pipe of the same dimension always has a smaller internal diameter as opposed to untreated pipe, resulting in the lined pipe producing lower flow rates. As untreated pipe corrodes the internal diameter diminishes thus restricting flow. In the industry this is what contributes to a mechanical depletion curve. Untreated pipes coming out of the original test field sometimes have internal diameters as small as a pencil. By protecting non lined pipe an operator gets higher flow rates and saves on having to frequently replace pipe. DuraSeal's use of its DuraSil coating to treat these pipes has positioned itself to offer this exclusive service to the pipe industry across the United States.
1: Pipe coatings
2: Fastener Coatings
3: Metal coatings
Classification: Manufacturer Representatives
Target Markets: North America
Tel: 816-510-8131
Fax: 816-228-4949
Address: 1113 Hawk Creek Dr.
City: Blue Springs
State/Province: Missouri
Zip/PC: 64015
Country: United States
URL: http://DuraSealPipe.com
Contact: Kirk Urick

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