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Company: Insulfoam
Established: 1959
Description: Insulfoam manufactures block-molded expanded polystyrene (EPS) insulation, providing superior economical, long-term performance. Insulfoam's premium products are available in custom and pre-cut forms for a variety of construction purposes, including roof insulation, below-grade insulation and protection boards, below slab, cavity walls, EIFS, architectural shapes, geofoam, stadium seating and more.

Company History

Insulfoam was founded in 1959. Insulfoam's principal business was the manufacture and sale of molded, expanded polystyrene for insulation. It utilized pre-expansion, molding and cutting equipment.

  • In 1967, Insulfoam was sold to Marine Commuter Corp., a division of Western Plastics.
  • In 1968, Insulfoam produced it's first EPS core Structural Insulated Panels as a product segment of it's foam business.
  • In 1970, it became a wholly owned subsidiary of Western Plastics, which manufactured plastic pipe and other construction products.
  • In 1980, Western Plastics and Insulfoam were purchased by Hepworth Plastics.
  • In 1987, the assets of Insulfoam were purchased by Premier Industries, Inc. Since that point, Premier Industries has sustained a high, stable rate of growth through both planned expansion and acquisition.
  • In 2007, Premier Industires, Inc. was purchased by Carlisle Companies and is now Insulfoam, LLC.

    Classification: Manufacturer
    Target Markets: North America
    Tel: 253-572-5111
    Fax: 253-383-7100
    Address: 1019 Pacific Avenue, Suite 1501
    City: Tacoma
    State/Province: Washington
    Zip/PC: 98402
    Country: USA
    URL: http://www.insulfoam.com
    Contact: Joyce Jackson

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