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Company: One Source Manufacturers Representatives Inc.
Established: 2005
Description: One Source Manufacturers Representaatives Inc. represents JNJ Industries. JNJ Industries is a leading supplier of cleaning chemistries, ultrasonic cleaning equipment, electronics screen-printing accessories, and specialized tooling products. The company is also the manufacturer of GlobalTech®, a line of environmentally responsible cleaning products for industries which include high technology, automotive, aerospace, military, electronics, medical, billiards, screen printing, pets, environmental, and industrial manufacturing.

Products include:

Smart-Bond Polymer Absorbents that completely encapsulate organic hydrocarbons, synthetic hydrocarbons, and aqueous liquids and water soluble hydrocarbons. Smart-Bond polymer absorbent turn hazardous waste into a non-hazardous solid mass. The encapsulating process between the liquid hydrocarbon and the polymer begins immediately on contact. This bonding, encapsulation and solidification can be accomplished on hard surfaces and in water, producing a solid and manageable waste product that will not drip. The hardened waste product usually appears within 10 to 15 minutes after application.

Product Features:

  • Absorbs more than 75% of the industries competitive products.
  • Simplifies fluid spill pickup - available in convenient pads, booms, bilge socks and bulk granular.
  • Cleans up fast with no sweeping on most spills - no more mess.
  • Totally effective and cost efficient - resulting in the elimination of hazardous fees.
  • Suppress vapors and reduce off gassing by 80% within the first five minutes. The gases/vapors are trapped, eliminating spontaneous or accidental combustion - eliminates all hazards.
  • Completely hydrophobic and will float even after maximum encapsulation.
  • Unused polymers can be recaptured and reused.
  • Available in granules, socks, pads, and bulk.
Environmentally Responsible Cleaners include Isopropyl Alcohol 70/30, Isopropyl Alcohol 99%, EvapoRust-rust remover and rust inhibitor, Heavy Duty Degreaser-Environmentally safe cleaner/degreaser and Transit Clean- general purpose interior/exterior cleaner for transit vehicles. All products are available in super saturated wipes, gallons, sprays, and drums. Hand Cleaner- saturated wipe with chelating agent to remove toxic metals from skin. Barrier Cream-lotion moisturizer that protect hands from chemicals for up to 4 hours Hand Sanitizer-saturated wipe that lasts up to 4 hours Dry wipes include Heavy Duty wipes for scrubbing and cleaning as well as Opti-Smart wipes for cleaning smudges, dirt, oil from delicate optical surfaces.

Company History

Founded in Milford, Massachusetts, in 1990, JNJ Industries completed a major expansion in 2001, moving to a new 84,000 square foot facility in nearby Franklin, Mass. The new facility is JNJ's new World Headquarters, consolidating both of JNJ's current manufacturing and administrative facilities under one roof. JNJ Industries is a single source provider for the components, solvents and consumable supplies essential to maintain the highest quality standards in the assembly and manufacturing process. The electronics accessory line features both JNJ designed, and OEM specification squeegee blades and holders, and under stencil wiping rolls. Both the JNJ and OEM lines deliver absolute performance consistency.

For cleaning, maintenance, rework, and polishing, JNJ's SmartWipes® line offers application specific packaging and materials selection for optimum results. From under stencil wiping rolls, super absorbent and lint free wiper materials to zero abrasive fabrics for polishing and cleaning precision optics, JNJ makes a SmartWipe for every job. JNJ's GlobalTech Solvent and Chemical Division provides both advanced formulation of environmentally safe chemicals and solvents, as well as application specific packaging and dispensing solutions. From super aggressive cleaners and solvents to ultra pure, environmentally safe aqueous formulations, GlobalTech delivers the right solvent for the job. Available in a variety of packaging styles ranging from drums, gallons, sprays, and SuperSaturated SmartWipes.

JNJ's commitment is not only to provide the highest quality products possible, but also to make them available for fast delivery through a network of local, national, and international distributors. In addition to obtaining JNJ quality products, our customers get the added benefit of doing business with local suppliers who can provide quick delivery and familiar service.
1: Absorbents
2: Degreasers
3: Hand Cleaners
Classification: Manufacturer Representatives
Target Markets: North America
Tel: 508-942-7583
Fax: 508-699-2856
Address: 6 Wilkins Dr., Suite 105
City: Plainville
State/Province: Massachusetts
Zip/PC: 02762
Country: USA
URL: http://jnjcd.com
Contact: Chris McEvoy

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