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Company: Mechanical Projects
Established: 2006
Description: Here at Mechanical Projects, we value our customers and want to help them with any assistance. The range of services we offer sets us aside from our competitors. We specialize in Pressure Vessels ASME Code Section VIII Calculations, Storage Tank API Calculations, Fabrication (detail) Drawings of Pressure Vessels / Storage Tanks and their structural (internal and external) components. In addition, our company has the capability of performing Solid Modeling, Nozzle Finite Element Analysis (FEA), and designing under other specialized standards.

Mechanical Projects uses Compress (Software) to make Pressure Vessel Calculations and Nozzle Finite Element Analysis. With ETank (Software), we are able to make API Storage Tank Calculations. Mechanical Projects meets the specifications for making his jobs (pressure vessels and storage tanks) safe. Our team is trained and specialized in Pressure Vessel ASME calculations, API Calculations, Fabrication Drawings and their structural (internal and external) components, Solid Modeling, and Nozzle Finite Element Analysis.
1: ASME API Calculations, Pressure Vessels
2: Fabrication Drawings, Solid Modeling
3: Nozzle Finite Element Analysis
Classification: Engineering/Consultancy, Industrial Services
Target Markets: WORLDWIDE - All Regions
Address: 1955 Fountain View DR 92
City: Houston
State/Province: Texas
Zip/PC: 77057
Country: USA
URL: http://www.mechanical-projects.com
Contact: Carlos Fernandez

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