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Company: Industrial Ceramics Enterprise
Established: 2005
Description: Supplies professionally sleeved ball and socket steatite ceramic beads for easy application. These beads, also known a fishspine beads, are commonly used in industrial high temperature application, where it is necessary to provide isolative protection at high temperatures without compromise. I.C.E. of TX, has been in business since 2005, but the experience, equipment, and process was taken over from a company doing this work for over 50 years. We strive to continue providing the same service, and product that our customers have expected for years. Our customers choose to continue using our services based on the convenience of our services, our fast turnaround time, and the commitment of quality work for the industries we serve.
1: steatite, fishspine sleeving service
2: ball and socket sleeving service
3: industrial ceramic bead sleeving service
Classification: Industrial Services
Target Markets: WORLDWIDE - All Regions
Tel: 936.275.5102
Fax: 866.292.3423
Address: 1400 CR 4305, P.O.Box 38
City: Bronson
State/Province: Texas
Zip/PC: 75930
Country: USA
URL: http://www.iceoftx.com
Contact: Pat Lister

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