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Company: Gas Generators | Texol-US
Established: 2007
Description: Texol Gas Generators are rugged, durable, & built to out-last traditional generators. Only our best, most reliable gas generators arrive straight to your doorstep. With Texol Gas Generators you know you're getting quality that lasts! The Texol product line is sold through manufacturer's representatives and our direct sales representatives across all of North America including Canada and Mexico. We promote our products through the internet, direct mail, phone sales and face to face sales to eliminate the guess work of buying a gas generator through a catalog service.

Texol US LLC is the North American distributor for Texol products made by Texol Ltd based in Dundee, Scotland. Our parent company, Terra Technologies Inc. is an independent service organization for all major brands of chromatography instrumentation (www.ttiservice.com). The principals of Texol US began promoting the Texol line five years ago when their chromatography instrument service clients began asking for a reliable gas generator solution for their labs. As a result, our staff understands many of the end-use applications to which our Texol generators may be connected. We offer years of laboratory instrument expertise to our clients to assist in selecting a great gas generator to serve your needs.
1: gas generators
2: nitrogen generators
3: hydrogen generators
Classification: Manufacturer
Target Markets: WORLDWIDE - All Regions
Tel: 1-866-733-7279
Fax: 502-368-6699
Address: PO Box 21357
City: Louisville
State/Province: Kentucky
Zip/PC: 40221
Country: USA
URL: http://www.texolus.com
Contact: Cathy Cravits

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