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Company: Crane's Aerial Truck Service
Established: 2001
Description: Cranes Aerial Truck Inspection Service has been serving the Crane and Lift community since 2001. We specialize in Crane Inspection and Certification of a wide range of cranes and lifting machinery. Crane Inspections are our business, not a sideline. We focus on keeping current with today's safety codes. Crane's Safety Training Institute, incorporated in 2001, is a division of the Sturm Corporation. The training institute has fast become a well-known and respected learning center for safety.

Classes have been held for industry personnel as well as Government. We have been responsible for training staff at USDOL MSHA, USDOL OSHA, Hanscom Air Force Base, Babson College, Shaughnessy/Amquip and others in the industry. Crane's Aerial Truck Service is recognized by USDOL/OSHA. We are on OSHA's expert witness list. We are actively in attendance at ASME code writing committee meetings. We typically can be found in industry specific training nationwide.
1: crane inspection
2: safety training
3: construction safety and training
Classification: Heavy Construction
Target Markets: WORLDWIDE - All Regions
Tel: 866-788-7600
Fax: 866-788-7600
Address: 57B Mendon St. (Route 140)
City: Bellingham
State/Province: MA
Zip/PC: 02019
Country: USA
URL: http://www.cranesaerialtruckservice.com (jay@cranesaerialtruckservice.com)
Contact: Jay Sturm

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