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Company: ReleaseTEAM Inc
Established: 1999
Description: ReleaseTEAM provides Consulting, Support, Mentoring and Training, in the use of the following tools: ClearCase, ClearQuest, AccuRev, Build Forge, ElectricCloud and Subversion ReleaseTEAM is committed to providing custom, state-of-the-art technology Software Configuration Management solutions based on our many years of experience and knowledge in the engineering discipline of Software Configuration Management. Our solutions improve communication by removing walls between departments and providing managers with better information to make effective business decisions.

ReleaseTEAM was founded 1999 as a Software Configuration Management consulting firm, specializing in the IBM Rational tool suite, ClearCase, ClearQuest and Build Forge. AccuRev's AccuRev version control, Electric Cloud's Electric Commander and Electric Accelerator and CollabNet's CuBit and Subversion.
1: Software Release Engineering
2: Build Automation
3: Software Configuration Management
Classification: Engineering/Consultancy
Target Markets: WORLDWIDE - All Regions
Tel: 720-887-0489
Fax: 720-977-8010
Address: 1400 W 122nd Ave Suite 202
City: Westminster
State/Province: Colorado
Zip/PC: 80234
Country: USA
URL: http://www.releaseteam.com
Contact: Beth Beese

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