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Company: TPC International
Established: 1996
Description: Tire Pressure Control International Ltd. (TPC International), based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, manufactures, assembles and distributes TIREBOSST Tire Pressure Control systems to the truck transportation industries. Tire Pressure Control systems, incorporate Variable Tire Pressure (VTP) technology, also known as Central Tire Inflation (CTI), to provide for the electronic inflation and deflation of tire pressures from the cab, while the vehicle is in motion. The ability to match tire pressures to vehicle loads and speeds results in reductions in vehicle operating costs and significant benefits to the truck owner and driver. Equally important are the benefits realized by roading authorities, as road damage is significantly reduced, resulting in lower maintenance and construction costs. Many forestry and oil industry companies have increased hauling days resulting from improved flotation and vehicle mobility.

TPC International commenced operations in 1996. Brian Spreen and Les Hinz are principals of the company, and are the President and Vice-President respectively. They were instrumental in the implementation of the first Tire Pressure Control systems utilized in commercial truck transport applications in North America. Combined they have over 24 years of experience in applying VTP technology for the benefit of various industries around the world.
1: air pressure monitoring systems
2: automate tire pressure inflation
3: central tire inflation system
Classification: Manufacturer, Distributor/Dealer
Target Markets: North America, UK/Western Europe, Australia/Oceania
Tel: 780-451-4894
Fax: 780-452-6786
Address: 15803 121 A Ave.
City: Edmonton
State/Province: Alberta
Zip/PC: T5V 1B1
Country: Canada
URL: http://www.tirepressurecontrol.com
Contact: Salma Kaida

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