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Company: Pronexus Inc.
Established: 1993
Description: Pronexus Inc., a provider of standards based, IVR development Toolkits in a Visual studio Net environment for creating scalable and flexible telephony applications such as speech-enabled IVRs and VoIP applications. VBVoice 5.6 empowers developers to create the widest range of voice solutions by combining sophisticated call control functions with built-in speech, Web, email, fax and data communications capabilities all within an industry standard, MS Visual Studio .NET environment. Additionally, VBVoice 5.6 provides unmatched flexibility because it supports the widest array of communications protocols and standards in the industry, including speech technologies, MRCP, HMP, VoIP, SIP and Web-services.

Company History


  • Pronexus awarded 12th consecutive "Product of the Year Award" for VBVoice
  • Approved for a listing on Industrial Leaders


  • Pronexus enters African market through Partnership with Creative Telecoms & Technologies Ltd.
  • Pronexus reaches out to Central America by signing Value Added Reseller (VAR) agreement with Business Development Group S.A., based in Guatemala
  • Pronexus introduces a Japanese version of its award-winning Interactive Voice Response (IVR) tool kit VBVoice
  • Launch of VBVoice 5.5, featuring WorkerThread Control, Dongle Support, HMP 3.0 and updated Graphical User Interface
  • Pronexus signs Hong Kong Based Active e-Solution as VAR
  • Launch of new Customers Care Support Portal to better service VBVoice clients
  • Jandar Technology joins Pronexus' VAR network to cover China
  • Pronexus signs Distributor Agreement with CBA, Japan
  • VBVoice 5.5 awarded 2006 Internet Telephony Product of the Year
  • VBVoice 5.5 awarded 2006 Communication Solutions Product of the Year
  • Pronexus participating in the Technology Trade & Investment Mission to Chile
  • Pronexus positions to capture growing opportunities in the international voice market
  • Pronexus selected for the Microsoft Speech Server 2007 Technology Adoption Program
  • VBVoice 5.4 released, accelerating VoIP IVR development and deployment
  • Pronexus wins Speech Technology "Award of Excellence" 2005
  • Partner agreement signed with CIT-PRO, leading distributor of hardware and software resources for IVR and telephony in Eastern Europe
  • VBVoice 5.3 is released, providing unparalleled performance & scalability for IVR & telephony development in high density environments
  • VBVoice wins Internet Telephony´s Product of the Year
  • Pronexus announces distribution agreement with Paracon, a leading distributor of Intel products
  • VBVoice 5.2 supports for software-only telephony (eliminates the need for telephony hardware)
  • Pronexus announces distribution agreement with CYGCOM, a distributor of speech and telephony integration resources
  • Pronexus awarded "Innovation Award of Excellence - Exporting"
  • Pronexus awarded Telecom Marketing Award for Integrated Web Marketing
  • VBVoice 5.1 adds tight integration into Visual Studio 2003, Advanced TAPI
  • Gary T. Hannah named one of the recipients of the 'Forty under 40´ Award
  • VBVoice 5.1 awarded 2003 Communications Solutions Product of the Year
  • VBVoice 5.0 integrates with Microsoft Visual Studio.NET
  • Pronexus and Aculab announce partnership, VBVoice support for Prosody hardware platform
  • VBVoice 5.0 awarded 2002 Internet Telephony Product of the Year
  • VBVoice 5.0 awarded 2002 Customer Interaction Product of the Year
  • Gary T. Hannah and employees acquire Pronexus ownership, making it 100% private, Canadian corporation
  • VBVoice 4.4 integrates with SpeechWorks' Speechify TTS (text to speech)
  • VBVoice 4.4 awarded 2001 Communications Solutions Product of the Year
  • VBVoice 4.3 supports for Wireless Application Protocol, Speaker Verification, new Text-to-Speech engines
  • Active Voice takes 100% interest in Pronexus, making it a wholly owned subsidiary of Active Voice
  • Gary T. Hannah is named President and CEO of Pronexus
  • Pronexus announces partnership with Nuance
  • VBVoice 4.2 awarded 2000 Communications Solutions Product of the Year
  • VBVoice 4.0 supports international transmission protocols on the Dialogic hardware platform
  • Pronexus signs partnership agreement with Lucent
  • VBVoice 3.5 awarded 1999 Best of CTI Expo Spring
  • VBVoice 4.0 awarded 1999 Call Center CRM Solutions Product of the Year
  • VBVoice 4.0 awarded 1999 Best of Communications Solutions Expo Fall
  • Pronexus introduces VBVoice 3.0, supports client/server functionality
  • VBVoice 3.0 awarded 1998 CTI Editors´ Choice
  • VBVoice 3.5 awarded 1998 Computer Telephony Product of the Year
  • VBVoice 3.5 awarded 1998 Best of CTI Expo Fall
  • VBVoice 3.5 awarded 1998 CTI Product of the Year
  • VBVoice 3.5 awarded 1998 Call Center Solution Product of the Year
  • Active Voice acquires of 51% shares in Pronexus
  • VBVoice 2.5 awarded 1997 CTI Editors´ Choice
  • VBVoice 2.5 awarded 1997 CTI Product of the Year
1993 - 1996
  • VBVoice awarded 1st Computer Telephony Product of the Year in 1996
  • Pronexus is incorporated, and VBVoice is launched, Microsoft an early adopter in 1994.
  • Ian Bowles, founder of Pronexus, starts programming VBVoice in 1993.
Feel free to visit our website for more details about our products or contact us for more information. Looking forward to your inquiry and the opportunity to serve you.
1: IVR
2: Application Software Development
3: Speech Technologies (VoIP)
Classification: Manufacturer
Target Markets: WORLDWIDE - All Regions
Tel: 613.271.8989
Fax: 613.271.8388
Address: 750 Palladium Drive
City: Ottawa
State/Province: Ontario
Zip/PC: K2V 1C7
Country: Canada
URL: http://www.pronexus.com
Contact: Tim Lawlor

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