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Company: Tekna Seal
Established: 1979
Description: ): Tekna Seal, a custom manufacturer of hermetic seals, specializes in glass-to-metal hermetic seals. Their glass to metal seals are custom built to customer design specifications, using proprietary "Oxide-Free" hermetic sealing process. With Tekna Seal's glass to metal hermetic seals, customers can now pass an electrical conductor between environments safely and efficiently. These conductor feedthrus can be used for many applications such as: vacuum components, battery headers, and medical implantable devices.

Company History

Tekna Seal, a custom manufacturer of hermetically sealed connectors, glass-to-metal feedthroughs, hermetic seals, lithium battery seals, and ceramic to metal seals is a Minnesota company which was founded in 1979 primarily to manufacture insulated hermetic feedthroughs for implantable devices and batteries associated with implantable devices. Shortly after inception, it was realized that there were many opportunities for selling glass-to-metal hermetic feedthroughs in other markets including automotive, aerospace, high performance sensor packages for severe industrial processes, and critical military applications. In 1990, we developed a unique glass-to-metal sealing process that allowed us to improve the performance and reliability of our hermetic seals substantially over the common sealing practices found throughout the industry. This process does not require pre-oxidation of the metal components.
1: hermetic seals
2: glass-to-metal hermetic seals
3: oxide free glass sealing process
Classification: Manufacturer
Target Markets: North America
Tel: (800) 419-1613
Fax: (763) 574-9139
Address: 5301 East River Road
City: Minneapolis
State/Province: Minnesota
Zip/PC: 55421
Country: USA
URL: http://www.teknaseal.com/index.html
Contact: Mike Yanke

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