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Company: Axxis Biometrics
Established: 2004
Description: At Axxis Biometrics we design, develop and distribute biometric products - from a single lock to an entire access-control system. Featuring unsurpassed innovation and dependable quality, Axxis Biometrics products set industry standards each day; only to exceed them the next. Biometric locks use fingerprint identification as the primary locking mechanism. And Axxis Biometrics has made this advanced technology available to you: whether you're considering a lock for your home, or for work. We have a wide array of biometric security products that can protect your home, family, office, and valuables. Ranging in price from a few hundred to a couple thousand - there is a lock that will fit within your budget. And with our decades of experience and constant interaction with experienced locksmiths across the US, we create products to fit everyone's needs. BioAxxis has been here since the beginning of biometrics. We have been involved in biometrics' birth, growth, development, and evolution. We don't send products to market unless they've been proven and tested time and time again. We develop, build, sell, and stand behind every BioAxxis lock. Since day one, we have taken pride in every lock that has our name on it. BioAxxis offers fingerprint door locks, fingerprint safes, pin code locks, and fingerprint access control systems.

Founded by two brothers, Patrick and Sean Conway, BioAxxis is built upon the belief that personal interaction plays an important role in business. That's why BioAxxis is committed to delivering the best biometric products along with unparalleled customer service. At BioAxxis, a quality product and personal customer service are equally important. While BioAxxis® fingerprint and keyless door locks can be found anywhere from Minnesota to Moscow, BioAxxis Development Corporation is headquartered in Upstate New York. Since 2004, BioAxxis has been doing business from our offices in Syracuse. Even our distribution center is located here. And even though BioAxxis®-branded products are shipped throughout the world, the Conway brothers and the entire BioAxxis team take personal responsibility for the smoothness of each transaction. They want their Dealers and Distributors to feel as comfortable as they would in making a local, in-person purchase. Too often in the Manufacturer/Distributor relationship, the human element disappears; but not at BioAxxis. Even though we have grown at 250%+ per year since we opened our doors, those same doors remain wide open to our Dealers and Distributors
1: biometric locks
2: fingerprint locks
3: fingerprint door lock
Classification: Manufacturer
Target Markets: WORLDWIDE - All Regions
Tel: 1-877-299-4701
Fax: 1-315-638-5539
Address: 15 East Genesee St.
City: Baldwinsville
State/Province: New York
Zip/PC: 13027
Country: United States
URL: http://www.axxisbiometrics.com
Contact: Pat Conway

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