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Company: Ecolo-Systems USA Inc.
Established: 1987
Description: Dedicated to develop sustainable projects of treatment and water reuse; which operates with its own technology (based on GLOBAL INDUSTRIES INC. technology) at black waters treatment systems, purifies treated water and also processes animal tailing, as well as the technical and human infrastructure to develop the design, the civil engineering, the engineering of processes, the physical implementation of the projects and the operation in site of the projects and installed equipments. ECOLO-SYSTEMS' nature as unique entity consists of contributing with viable and realizable solutions for any sustainable project regarding water.

ECOLO-SYSTEMS USA Inc. is a corporation founded in 1987. We have 21 years of experience, competing on the market of treatment of biodegradable Waste water, in no bigger flows than 50 lts per second and whose natural market are those equipments included between zero and 0.11 lts/seg and about 0.50 lts/seg up to 25 lts/seg. The course that ECOLO-SYSTEMS have decided to take for a couple of years is to provide sustainable solutions based on the social responsibility, which is endorsed for its corporate culture. (GDA Constructora, GDA Ecologia, SIMAPRO as base of the corporation and GDA Servicios Administrativos as the administrative and financial force). This is why our company looks for the implementation of the intellectual and technological capital that guarantees every project with success and efficiency. Therefore, we count on with even more conscious people of the actual problem, who have proudly contributed in this topic with more than 400 systems, inside and outside Mexico.
1: water treatment systems
2: sustaintable solutions
3: water treatment equipment
Classification: Engineering/Consultancy, Industrial Services
Target Markets: North America, Latin America
Tel: (281) 2965887
Fax: (281)2965887
Address: 2203 Timberloch Place Suite 100
City: The Woodlands
State/Province: Texas
Zip/PC: 77380
Country: USA
URL: http://www.ecolo-systems.com.mx
Contact: Eng. Jose Luis Garcia de Quevedo P.

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