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Company: Stelmark Products
Established: 1982
Description: Serving clients primarily in Canada and the United States, we provide expert services in the design, development, and precision manufacturing of high-quality signage, merchandising, architectural millwork, and information display systems. We offer pre-production services such as: project budgeting, on-site planning and needs analysis, multi-site audits. Design-phase services including cost-to-manufacture analysis for variations in design and materials specification Starting out as a small family run sign shop based out of Toronto, Stelmark's growth has expanded to a 62,000 square foot production facility headquartered in Burnaby British Columbia with additional production facilities in Toronto.
1: Custom signs
2: High quality signage
3: Architectural millwork
Classification: Manufacturer
Target Markets: North America
Tel: 604 415 0689
Fax: 604 415 0581
Address: 3131 Production way
City: Burnaby
State/Province: BC
Zip/PC: V5A 3H1
Country: Canada
URL: http://www.stelmark.com
Contact: Shane Davies

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