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Company: Tri-State Concrete Scanning
Established: 2008
Description: Tri-state Concrete Scanning utilizes ground penetrating radar (GPR) to see through asphalt and concrete structures and detect subsurface objects such as rebar, pipes, post tension cables, electrical conduits and voids. GPR technology also provides 2 dimensional and 3D subsurface reflections which are used to determine the condition and thickness of the material examined. Our professional technicians use detailed mapping diagrams to provide reliable real-time data for clients who need to evaluate, cut out or core drill through concrete structures. This non destructive evaluation of concrete will preserve the structural integrity of the building by locating and preventing damage to post tension cables and rebar. Tri-state Concrete Scanning has experienced technicians who perform the following services. Locating Rebar, Post Tension Cables, Measuring Concrete thickness and locating electrical conduits as well as voids in concrete surface.
1: Concrete Scanning
2: Ground penetrating Radar - GPR
3: Concrete Imaging
Classification: Industrial Services
Target Markets: North America
Tel: 410.361.0352
Fax: 410.665.1851
Address: 7815 Elmhurst Ave
City: Parkville
State/Province: Maryland
Zip/PC: 21045
Country: USA
URL: http://www.tristatescanning.com
Contact: John Johnson

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