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Company: Applied Cooling Technology LLC
Established: 2007
Description: With well over 25 years of dedicated service to the heat transfer industry, Applied Cooling Technology is a natural choice for the design and manufacture of both air-blast and shell & tube heat exchangers for a wide variety of industries such as Marine, Power Generation, Offshore, Compressor etc. The company also undertakes the re-design and re-manufacture of heat exchangers with an emphasis on developing bespoke components or product variations to overcome specific problems. Based on past client requirements, we have successfully developed special types of extended surface tubes, unique tube-support methods and many other innovative 'longevity' solutions. Finished heat exchangers are rigorously inspected and pressure tested. Common methods for pressure testing include hydrostatic (using either mains or demineralised water) and pneumatic (using compressed air or other gasses such as nitrogen). Individual tubes can also be pressure or non-destructively tested prior to use.

Since it's creation in the UK in 1980 by David Pierce, the business has evolved from a small repair business called Heat Transfer Specialists Ltd into what is now a multi-national group of companies with operations in both the United Kingdom and the United States of America, During this time, the business has had sold, merged and renamed several companies including Heat Transfer Engineering, Helixcoil, Copycat Coils (later becoming known as The Heatex Group), Computube, Britannia Heat Transfer etc., acquiring along the way Crane Heatex and Covrad Heat Transfer. More recently, Britannia Heat Transfer Ltd was acquired by Applied Cooling Technology Ltd on 1st September 2003 resulting in the formation of it's subsidiaries Britannia Heatex Ltd, Titan-Lite Motorsport Ltd and Elfin Technology Ltd. Applied Cooling Technology LLC, the US-based counterpart was formed in November 2007 and will commence operations in January 2008.
1: Heat Exchanger
2: Finned Tubes
3: Shell and Tube
Classification: Manufacturer
Target Markets: North America
Tel: 239-217-5080
Fax: 239-217-5084
Address: 75 Mid Cape Terrace, 5&6
City: Cape Coral
State/Province: Florida
Zip/PC: 33991
Country: USA
URL: http://www.appliedcool.com
Contact: Ben Hayden

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